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Convenient and affordable portable storage and moving right here in the Volunteer State.

Tennessee is home to just under seven million Americans in the southeastern part of the United States. The state is known for being the site of many famous battles of the American Civil War like the Battle of Murfeesboro. Today, Tennessee is known for being the home of major cities like Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis. Every year, Tennessee draws in thousands of tourists to see it’s major cities and even more of it’s natural terrain.

Families and businesses are constantly changing, and with this change comes an abundance of stuff you have no room for. Zippy Shell portable storage containers make dealing with this clutter effortless and affordable. And, because they’re safe and secure, they’re ideal for homes and organizations of any size. So, whether you have a sprawling plantation home in Franklin, or a boutique in Nashville, you’ll never have to endure the stress of traditional storage solutions again.

Is your house packed to the seams? Maybe you are selling your home and need to declutter? It doesn’t matter what the problem is, Zippy Shell can help. Don’t waste anymore time, call us today and start filling up your storage unit!

We are conveniently located in Murfreesboro and happily serve the greater Nashville metropolitan area.

How Does Zippy Shell Work?

When you call Zippy Shell, we deliver a storage container right to your door for you to pack on your own time. Once you are finished, we come to pick it up and bring it back to our secure, climate-controlled facility. There’s no need to worry about renting a truck or driving to a storage facility because we take away all the hassle. When you are ready to have your items back, we will deliver them right back to you or even bring them to your new home! It’s that easy!

How Does Zippy Shell Compare?

Zippy Shell of Tennessee makes the storage and moving process as easy as possible by removing all hassle. Unlike our competitors, you never have to worry about renting a truck or driving to a facility to load your unit. Zippy Shell handles your items from start to finish all across Tennessee. 

Other companies have problems with damaged items due to exposure to excessively hot, cold, wet, and dry conditions, but for no extra cost to you, Zippy Shell stores all units in a climate-controlled facility. 

Never worry about the safety of your items because you are the only one who has the key to your container. Once the unit has been picked up, the next time it is opened is when it’s delivered back to you. Don’t forget, the peace of mind and convenience you get with Zippy Shell is more affordable than any other storage solution in the area!

If the shoe fits.

Traditional Self Storage
No need to rent/borrow a truck
One time loading and unloading
No need for multiple trips to the facility
Storage unit delivered to your door
More secure – no public access
Best value solution (cost & convenience)
Size you need is always available
Load & unload at your leisure
Reduced handling prevents damage
No need to travel to unsafe areas or facilities

Do you have questions about our services? Give us a call today, we will be happy to help find the best solution for your needs!

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